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Our selection of Ex-Demo and Second Hand RC Models is displayed on the ‘list’ page below. For an enlarged image and a more detailed description of each RC model, please click on the ‘thumbnail’ picture. All of these second hand models have been carefully prepared, are in at least ‘good’ condition and are in full working order unless otherwise stated. Any type of RC model can appear on this page (RC Cars, Buggies, Stadium Trucks, Monster Trucks, Planes, Helicopters, Boats and specialist models) - so don’t give up if there is a specific type of second hand (used) or ex-demo model that interests you - keep looking!
Note that for some second hand RC models (including RTR), additional items may be required in order to be able to use your model for the first time (e.g Nitro or Petrol fuel).
Postage within the UK
mainland (free on orders over £100) will automatically be added to the price of your model. Please contact us for postage rates to locations outside of the UK.

Please note that we will remove from sale any ex- demo or second hand model as soon as possible following confirmation that on-line payment has been received. Hurry!! these are all ‘one off’ models and usually sell very quickly, so we can not guarantee availability!

Note: Some of our used radio controlled models are available only via a ‘bid’ system. These models will have a “BID ON THIS MODEL! Click here for details” link next to them. Click here to read how our sealed bid system works and gives you the opportunity to purchase one of our ex-demo and second hand models at a bargain price!


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